Selected Media

Rosemary Sexton testifies at censorship inquiry

Testifying at Censorship Inquiry 1980

 “Ontario censor Sexton quits: ‘I had enough,’” The Globe and Mail, September 4, 1980

 “Lawyer Rosemary Sexton quits as censor,” Toronto Star,  September 4, 1980

 “Sexton’s leaving from Ontario Censor Board may be costly,” The Globe and Mail, September 5, 1980

 “In Camera, an interview with Rosemary Sexton,”  by Howard Levy and Kathleen Engman, Canadian Lawyer magazine, November/December 1980 

“La Vie en Rosemary” by Elizabeth Kelly, Toronto Life magazine, September 1988

“Social Light,” by John Lownsbrough, City and Country Home magazine, March 1989

 Global Television profile by Terese Sears, 1989

 “Rosemary Baby” by Hugh Segal, Country Estate magazine, Late Spring 1990

 CBC Radio, Morningside: Rosemary Sexton teaches Peter Gzowski how to waltz, March 2, 1991

 CFTO Television, Canada AM interview by J.D. Roberts on Royal visit, October 22, 1991.

 CFRB Radio, interviewed by Donna Tranquata on Royal visit, October 24, 1991

 Speech at the Granite Club, Toronto: “My Journalistic Career (with apologies to Stephen Leacock),”   January 25, 1992

“The ex-chronicler of glitter girls still has a few things to say,” by Susan Kastner, Toronto Star, February 28, 1993  

“Book has  ‘ladies who lunch’ running for cover” by Allan Fotheringham, Toronto Sun, 1993

 “No Bimbo,”by Lisa Harding, Chatelaine magazine,  September 1993

 Books in Canada, “Social Climbing” by Jack Batten, October 1993, Vol. 22, Issue 7

 CTV,  Dini Petty Show, September 28, 1993

 Frank magazine, “Glitter Girls Shun Sexton,” September 1993

 Speech at Canadian Club: “Volunteerism in the Nineties,” October 4, 1993

 CBC Radio, interview (no. 2) with Peter Gzowski, October 5, 1993

“Judge-ment Day” by Trisha Hickey, Toronto Sun, September 13, 1998

 “Glitter Girls” by John Daly, Maclean’s magazine, November 1, 1993

“The Glitter Girls: Chronicles of an Era of Excess” by Peter C. Newman, Maclean’s magazine, November 22, 1993

 “When the Glitter Wears Off,” Toronto Life magazine, February 1994

 Pamela Wallin interview, CBC Television, October 12, 1995

 Prime TV, regular panelist on Grumps talk show, 1997-98

“Ambition: The Life and Times of Ted Rogers,” interview by Daniel Gelfant, CBC Television, 1999

 Interview in The Frank Truth, a documentary which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, 2001